Beltie Beef

About Beltie Beef

The Belted Galloway is a heritage breed of beef cattle originating from southern Scotland. Belted Galloways are primarily raised for their quality marbled beef, although they are sometimes purchased to adorn pastures due to their striking appearance. At Patch of Heaven Farms we sell quality grass feed beef for your freezer. Additionally, we offer well defined breeding stock with emphasis on genetics.

The Original Gourmet Beef

Belted Galloway beef consistently achieves more desirable results in taste test than most beef breeds including Angus. Belty beef ensures sensations of flavor from the excellent marbaling exhibited throughout each cut of meat. Whether the novice cook or experienced chief, tender, juicy gourmet meals are at your command!  

Health Benefits

According to one USDA study, the beef of Belted Galloways while grass fed are:
  • health facts for calories
  • 46% lower in calories
  • 72% lower in fat
  • 69% lower saturated fat
  • health facts for nutrients
  • 19% higher in protein
  • 67% higher in calcium
  • 73% higher in niacin

A Real farm to table experience

Our beef is available for purchase in whole, half and quarter cow quantities.

Do I have enough freezer space?

Plan on approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for every 20 lbs of meat. The interior of a milk crate is slightly more than a cubic ft. Thus a quarter of a cow would fill approximately 3 milk crates. So many will find that they have ample space for grass fed all natural beef from Patch of Heaven Farms!