All about the egg

All about the egg

All of our eggs are gathered from chickens who are fully pastured and fed only certified organic, non-GMO feed. The birds are completely antibiotic free and receive no added hormones. Our chickens are never debeaked! You will notice these eggs are distinctly different from the conventional, large scale organic egg producers because we raise our birds out on pasture where they forage for bugs and many different varieties of grasses, forbes, and legumes.

A day in the life of our hens

At Patch of Heaven Farms
Our hens start to work early. They work diligently to give us the nutritional gift of the egg. They spend most of the day in the sun and pasturing on the open land. The Herring children like to spend time with the hens while feeding them their organic feed to ensure everyone looks healthy and behaves normally. When dusk approaches all hens rush back to their little red hen house to settle in for the night.

Nutritional value of “true” free range eggs

1/3 less cholesterol 1/4 less saturated fat 2/3 more vitamin A 2x more omega-3 fatty acid‘s 3x more vitamin E 7x more beta carotene There is growing evidence that eggs from hens raised on pasture have nutritional benefits over the factory farm versions.

All about eggs

There is much to be said about a true free range pastured egg. In order to be a store bought organic egg, laying hens must have only access to outdoors, but not be outdoors. The amount of space offered is a minimal amount resulting in chickens living in very confined spaces . Most certified organic hens never have the pleasure of a dust bath in the sun or scratching in green grass. At Patch of Heaven Farms we have exceeded the standards set in place by the government by raising our hens on pastures at all times. This is what sets us apart by truly making our eggs free range